The Top Three United States Art Schools

There is no dearth of Art schools around the world. But if someone really wants to learn the aesthetics of arts and wishes to become a successful creative artist, he or she needs the help of an institution that knows how to deal with it. Only a best art school can produce the best students. So, the would-be artists wish to get admitted into a school that can facilitate their learning and quench their thirst for becoming a creative artist.

An art school is considered to be the best when it deals with all the essential parts of an art. There are different kinds of arts and different schools deal with different kinds of them. Some schools are well-known for visual or media arts; some of them are well-known for painting; some of them are well known for animation; some of them are well-known for fashion designing; some of them are well-known for architecture; and so on.

As there are a lot of schools around the world, the students are confused where to go for fulfilling their long cherished dreams of becoming an artist. The United States of America is the best option for the students who are serious about art. This country has some of the best art schools around the world. They are well-known for their diversity and their education. They have produced a lot of famous architecture, fashion designer, animation film maker, painter, artist etc. But before you go to America for studying arts, you need to know about the best institutions there. Three of the top United States art schools are described below.

The first one in our list is the California Institute of the Arts. It was founded by famous Walt Disney. California Institute of the Arts has been one of the pioneer schools for the students interested in arts. This is specially meant for those who take an interest in animation. This institution offers you the first class education in the field of animation. You can understand it from the name of the founder. It is considered to be the best school for art on the West Coast. It is located at the McBean Parkway, Valencia, California.

The Second one in our list is the Pratt Institute. It is located in two places: Manhattan and Brooklyn. Charles Pratt founded this organization. It was established in 19th century to facilitate the learning of arts. This institution is basically meant for the students interested in different kinds of arts. This institution is well-known for its diverse range of subjects. It has produced a lot of well-known architects, artists and fashion designers.

The third best art school in our list is named The Art Institute of Chicago. It is well-known around the world. It is not only one of the best schools for arts in the United States, but also it is one of the best schools for art in the world. It is situated at South Michigan Avenue, Chicago. This institution has an art school and a famous museum. It has produced famous artists throughout the world.
How to Find the Best Art School for Your Needs

There are so many different art courses offered at colleges and universities around the country from sculpture and painting to graphic design, you need to find the one that best suits your needs. Choosing the right art school is not an easy task and will require you to do research to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the school you decide to join.
Decide on a Course

You probably already know what sector of art you want to study whether it’s painting and drawing or graphic design. You need to have a good idea of what you want out of the course to ensure the courses you choose are right for your future career. One example is not enough, you need to have a clear overview of what you want to accomplish once you leave college. Do you want to paint and sell your pieces in an art gallery? Do you want to work in a museum or an auction house valuing paintings? Do you want to sculpt or do you want to do fantastic computer graphic designs?
Visit School Websites

Your first step should be to visit a choice of school websites, one site is not enough. Find as many sites as possible, just do a simple online search the same as you would for kingdom hearts or product info.

The art school sites should offer you valuable information about the school and their application process.

Do you want to live at home while studying or are you willing to stay in college housing while you complete your studies? Location is an important factor for many students who don’t want to leave their friends and family while studying. You need to do a review on each of the locations, the same as you would if you were reading a wrinkle cream review, this will help you determine what the area is like, what there is to do around the area and how easy it is to get home when you have some time off.
Courses Offered

Of course one of the main deciding factors will be the courses offered by the art school, do they offer all the courses you need to accomplish your goals? Do they have an article source where you are able to read up on the courses and see how many courses meet your long term goals and how many you can take per year to achieve future success?

Research and apply the same as you would if you were doing reputation management, keep up to date with the latest news on the school websites and keep track of application dates.

Get your application forms early and complete them, get them off as soon as possible. Don’t only choose one school; see if you can find at least three that meet your immediate and long term goals. Applying to at least three art schools ensures you get accepted, if you are accepted to all three, then you can review them further to make your final decision.